Thursday, 7 March 2013

                                                                                 NEW DESTINATION!

           Sigri from above

         the port of Sigri
                                                                 Sigri has a musem of the petrified forest

Hello darlings!!So this is my new destination,in a sea village of Lesvos called Sigri.The reason of my removal is a new bussines plan totaly different of the Shopping Therapy store!Me and my husband are going to open a cafe-bar for the summer season,move to Sigri for these months and then return back to our base Mytilene.
In the second photo you can see the place where the cafe-bar will be opened,as you can see it will be needed a lot of work.
Shopping therapy will stay opened!
From the first of April i will post from Sigri and show you all the preparation untill it will be opened!
Do you guys have any idea of the name?the base theme will be the sea,any suggestions??

Thanks for reading!