Saturday, 1 June 2013

                                                    sandals:nine west.pants:bellino,shirt:bellino

Sometimes i feel so lucky that the sea is so close to me and everytime i want, i go there for a swim or just to see the sunset!The clothes that i am wearing in this village that i came for the summer is as comfortable and simple as they can be!Everything here is easier!!Finally June arrived,I wish you guys a very good month!!!

Νιωθω τοσο τυχερη που ειμαι τοσο κοντα στην θαλασσα κι οποτε θελησω παω για μπανιο η απλα βλεπω ενα υπεροχο ηλιοβασιλεμα!Τα ρουχα που φοραω εδω στο Σιγρι ειναι οσο πιο απλα και ανετα γινεται,γιατι ολα εδω ειναι πιο απλα και ευκολα!!Επιτελους εφτασε ο Ιουνιος,καλο καλοκαιρι και καλο μηνα σε ολους!

Τhanks for reading!

Martha and the Muffins - Echo Beach

  1. Martha and the Muffins - Echo Beach

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    Echo Beach performed by Martha & The Muffins | written by Mark Gane | produced by Mike Howlett | from the album Metro Music ...
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